She was a clever problem solver and a hard headed businesswoman, who managed staff with an iron fist and a heart of gold.

At a time when few women found their way into the business of business, Diana Josephson stood out as a woman who brought her own brand of success to a world dominated by men.

Diana – perhaps better known as “Granny” – died Sunday at Sanford Medical Center in Thief River Falls but she leaves behind a living business legacy in the community she loved and inspired.

She was born Diana LaVaughan Ellingson, and work was always a way of life – even as a child churning butter for the US Army for ten cents an hour. As a teenager she worked as a telephone operator in Goodridge, where her family owned the Hartz Foods Store and moved into the restaurant business in Van Nuys California in the 1950′s. By the 1970′s she was a shareholder and general manager for the Best Western in Thief River Falls and by the 90′s a partner in the Evergreen Eating Emporium.

Her name could inspire such confidence, that long after she retired the community would continue to turn to her for inspiration and support; writing grants, creating marketing plans and administering projects for the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.

Memorial Services will be held Friday morning at Trinity Lutheran Church in Thief River Falls.

Diana – “Granny” – Josephson would have been 84 years old Tuesday.

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